Well, sloppyhog made a back up. I should probably make a back up too.

I may follow Sonicman69's foot steps and make my own fediverse, then fall off the face of the earth.

@BallisticPig should I not survive the coof, my soul will transcend this mortal realm and climb into the data center in the sky.
With a screeched N bomb, 14 words, and a comical Jewish avatar I will emerge in my new form, on

Coof is moderately shit. Wake. Shit post. Pass out. Repeat.

@sloppyhog feel better man. Not to humble brag or anything but I had it twice.

Drink some fluids, and if you can get your hands in Mucinex DM, it will help. That's what my doctor recommended.

See you in the great fediverse in the sky.

@sloppyhog oh yeah, get up and move around. Don't lie down too much. That's how the pneumonia settles in your lungs.

Stay frosty.

Is paypig about to be seized by the FBI after Netflix SWATs dick?

@GK_Dynamic_Analytics nah, I think Dick mentioned he's getting tired of being unable to moderate paypig. Lots of bots apparently coming around and posting shit (not shit posts)

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