I have dedicated my life to posting one thing a day about what communists have done on my friend's discord.

I have every intention of being banned.

Post #1: communists in China killed 36M people of starvation and prevented 40M babies from being born by malnourishing mothers during "The Great Journey."

Communist Atrocities Post #2:

681,692 people were killed by firing squad during Stalin's great purge. Joseph Stalin signed 357 firing squad orders personally, which accounts for 44,000 of those deaths.

Post #3

Communist Pol Pot indoctrinated the young (13-16 year olds) and used them to perpetuate a genocide against 1.5-2 million people in Cambodia. This was roughly 25% of Cambodia's population.

I actually got an apology from a communist.

I will probably just post daily atrocities here instead of spamming my friend's discord.

I am also trying to find a way to be smug about this, the keep fuel on the fire.

Communist Atrocities Post #4

Communists used child slave labor in gulags to boost their planned economy. Children were either picked up off the streets as orphans, petty thrives or born in captivity, and put to work until they died.

@MasterSimper for personal insults that resulted in my waging a holy war of spam against them.

@BallisticPig oh they arent sorry, no one is really ever sorry. They are a communist dont believe they would lie to achieve anything, they just want the spam to stop.

@coolhandjames @BallisticPig

I've heard there were 6 millions of those orphans who were worked to death in gulags.

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