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I have dedicated my life to posting one thing a day about what communists have done on my friend's discord.

I have every intention of being banned.

Post #1: communists in China killed 36M people of starvation and prevented 40M babies from being born by malnourishing mothers during "The Great Journey."

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@NickolasGir dawg, I'm fat as fuck, I listen to the dick show and post on paypig

Journalism then: writing articles about tweets.

Journalism today: writing articles about tiktoks.

I found out boomer weebs exist.

They have Speed Racer and Racer X as their profile pics. I'm probably a boomer for even recognizing them.

Riots, antifa, insurrections, Gihlsain Maxwell?

NOPE - the biggest crime in America is playing Pearl Jam on the classic rock station.

I listen to classic rock for my dad's music, not my music!

With the Mississippi abortion case in the supreme court, all the happy vaxers are finally gonna get what they want: the government controlling what people do with their bodies

Well, sloppyhog made a back up. I should probably make a back up too.

I may follow Sonicman69's foot steps and make my own fediverse, then fall off the face of the earth.

@coolhandjames @shitpisscum @GrungeQueef But be careful. Just as you could dick her into a RWer, so too could she pussy you into a shitlib. That's what happened with her BF, who went from being a Chad to a funko pop man

I'm going to be the first politician to fuck both Lauren Boebert and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Why do so many young Americans give so many fucks about their "sneakers"?

@BallisticPig @genetic_failure
One, two, three, four nazis cannot be here no more, five, six, seven, eight, because we protest we can't dilate!

Apparently Twitter just banned posting photos without consent.

Shirley that means the MSM will always get consent to tweet photos. Shirley.

Anyone know if conventional covid tests can detect omicron? The question is two-fold:
1. I gotta catch 'em all
2. I and a lot of family members got sick weeks ago and up to today. All covid symptoms, all negative tests.

I just want to know if I can boast about surviving covid a 4th time.

This one is 👍
cancelled Amazon Prime =$119 per year
cancelled Netflix - $107.88 per year
cancelled Disney - $95.88
cut the cord and never watch Fox News - $298
cancelled Costco - $65 per year
never go to Target
never buy Nike
never watch the NBA
never watch the MLB
never drink Starbucks
Saving $685.76 per year, not supporting people who hate me, and never felt better.
Pretty based.

@BallisticPig Somewhere, there is a serial killer confessing to their crimes in the intro text to a recipe.

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