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@NickolasGir dawg, I'm fat as fuck, I listen to the dick show and post on paypig

What do Oklahoma and Portugal have in common? Not much, besides mRNA vaccine failure

Way back from gym. Stop off at Korean Street food place. Fat woman is in there pleading with staff to give her a bigger portion because she can't afford to buy more. I leave in disgust having been in there for less than ten seconds.
No dinner for me tonight

Couldn't take the cringe I felt for witnessing fat, dumb & poor up close.

"women are LICHRALLY better than men at EVERYTHING
even WAR
u don't wanna piss off oa powerful WOMXYN"

*boards plane to escape*

@sloppyhog now that twerking is being tied to all sorts of other incidents, it’s starting to become a measure of character.

The 2nd best way to handle serial twerkers.
The first best is firehose, followed by eviction.

Femboy hater sighted!
I guess bro only wanted to rail manly dudes on the down low. That makes it straight?
Nutting is trannies is peak gay?
I'm so confused.
This is AF level nonsense.

Don't know why women are complaining about the roe v Wade thing. They can still get pitbulls. Plenty of baby killing to go around.

Shapeshifter interviewed by Nightmare Neal

"Just embrace your original blueprint.
You don't have to hand your life over to pharmacists and surgeries to find happiness"

"I realized it was just a new form of conversion therapy.
they were trying to trans away the super feminine gay man."

"We're gonna lose a whole generation of kids who just probably would have been gay."

"They want you to kill a version of yourself"

"I was so brainwashed into this whole thing."

Interview: Detransitioner's Sister Supported His Medical Transition | Shape Shifter

#Detransitioners #TeamTERF #TransDelusion #OccupyWoman #GenderCritical #SexNotGender #GenderWoo #GenderAtheist #EndGenderExtremism #GenderIsntReal #Feminism #Feminist #PornCulture
#PeakTrans #TransCult #DropTheT #GenderAtheist #SexNotGender #LGBAlliance #WomenDeserveAVoice #StopGenderTotalitarianism #cults #skeptic #freespeech #WomenDontHavePenises #GetTheLOut #KeepWomensPrisonsSingleSex

Going to a table top convention in 2 months. Need to have a Warhammer army (1000-1500 pts) done by July 20th. Minimum 3 colors. Here's a sample of a Tau stealth unit. What should I build next?
A. Broadside Battlesuit
B. Ghostkeel stealth suit
C. Pathfinder team
D. Crisis battle suits

Note: I have to g t all 4 of these done by July. Will send progress pics if anyone cares.

JUST IN - Chinese and Russian warplanes enter South Korea's Air Defence Zone without notice, Yonhap reports.

What are people's thought on girls that used to self harm and have all the scars, but now are mentally normal?

Its a pretty big red flag I suppose. And hard to ignore especially if they are very visible

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