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The paypig site seems to be down but the app works at least

@AllbonesJones here's a fun new way to convince people to watch your streams

I just want to say that before catgirls, fox girls, animal girls, robots, ai, and everything else

I love elves

Taking an evening stroll around the block with a buzz. It’s a great feeling

Just repealing the 19th won’t make women less annoying or bitchy. They’ll just be stuck in the house nagging you and more bitchy online. We have to fix the problem at the source

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Nothing like people not realize this instance is a joke. @JayDaddy Stop eating 3,000 calories a day and go for a fucking walk.

Saw a cool Praying Mantis on my car when I left for work today

September has come.
And with it 61 days of spook

It’s too fucking hot here. 110 degrees with humidity expected through the week

Mastodon has a working ios app. Now I can easily hop on it

@AllbonesJones is halfway into his bus streaming adventure, can he make it the rest of the way?

I’m a simple man, I just want my waifu in whatever game she’s available in. Pulling Sakuya has made this a great week despite the weeklong heat wave of 110+ degree weather

Just accept that all the good games that will exist have already been made. Anything else coming out is just a pale imitation of fun games

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