Bunny girls are the best way to celebrate spring and easter. Even more when it’s a sexy dark elf.
Credit to twitter.com/pride__kun?s=21&t= for doing a great job on my oc Merrin.

Sometimes it’s more important that you had fun watching along the way, than worrying about who’s right or what war crimes happened.

The nice thing about where I work is that loud machines are normally running, so talking to people isn’t common versus just pointing and hand signals

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I once swapped the E and A in texas.
I couldn’t sleep for two days from the terror

The one thing I look forward to every sunday is being able to sleep until 8am.

Instead of telling people they’ll do better next time, I tell them to stop fucking up. That has had more success rates

My definition of strategy is to smash this team against everything like a hammer. It’s gotten me through the four chapters of Arknights story to current place, and most events too.
When you stop caring about 3* every stage or wasting time on every unit around, you become invincible

I used to think a kindle was dumb for books. Until I ran out of space for bookshelves and books.

My favorite thing about christmas is the holiday paid time off.
My second thing is sleeping in

I’m surprised that I just won two paid days off of work from a holiday raffle.

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