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“So—tell me, where do you see yourself in Five Years?”

“Reinforcing my compound in the sewers between raids on the surface dwellers. My War Brides will be training my progeny in the ways of darkness, so they might sneak when they must sneak, and so they might kill as the Owl does—screeching and sudden in the night.”

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If you're a great fighter in the world today, they got a name for you. They don't call you a great fighter. They call you Touchballs69. Be me! If you can.

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Magic the Gathering being designed by the math PhD Great Great Grandson of a US president and subsequently being captured by jews for use as a sodomy, nigger, and pedophile propaganda machine is the perfect summation of American history.

UFOs over Philadelphia.

Aliens getting visibly frustrated no one speaks Esperanto. They don’t seem particularly impressed with Philly Cheesesteaks, either.

“Hey… my wife saw you from across the bar and we really dig your vibe. Can we… buy you a drink?”

As an experiment, it’d be funny to see the acquisition of Ubisoft blocked and all their IP released into the public domain.

Sanity Vampires don’t steal your peace of mind so they can use it themselves—no, instead they just vomit it up and make you watch it go to waste.

Unrepentant, incurable, pure agents of Chaos.

They’re after your fucking soul.

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Never had any real interest in motorcycles, but hearing one race by after midnight gives me a little surge of envy.

A woman/commie I know IRL used to have blue hair, but she’s reverted to her natural color and the cut is slightly classier.

The change feels inauthentic, like she’s using camouflage.

Do I have to personally brand her like a cow, or is that the responsibility of her family?

Sleeping on the train tracks is not medically advisable, but it is spiritually advisable.

I fucking hate when platformers map the jump command to D-Pad Up.

There are plenty of good games like that, but it never feels quite right.

BREAKING: Optimus Prime to step down as leader of the Autobots after a recording of one of his racist tirades surfaces online.

In spite of the controversy, Prime remains adamant, stating: “It’s Rabbitron and the fucking goddamned Hebrewcons, plotting against me.”

Ride ‘Em Rough & Ride ‘Em Dead, Slavic Cowboy.

Haven’t been able to catch a livestream in a year and the first opportunity I get is IBS Apocalypse 2.

Is this what mainlining heroin feels like?

Amazon released part of the score for their Lord of the Rings series.

Gandalf’s theme really captures both the mystery and majesty of the wizard:

Solar panels (in addition to being ugly as sin) might actually be scrying mirrors, giving demons a bigger foothold in our world.

You lazy, malevolent fucks couldn’t just make do with an abundance of smartphones and TVs? You had to bring this Green Energy horse shit into the mix, as well? Pathetic.

Seeing Anime Youtubers cry about a new type of copyright enforcement that could nuke them off the map. The relationship these people have with a few alien megacorps is so unnatural and weird, I can barely wrap my head around it.

Try to not outsource your needs for art/culture/community, next time. Never works out.

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The reason why America will eventually fail, is this guy is not in a PhD program but that illiterate nigger who was obsessed with Android 18 was teaching at UCLA.
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The distance from WWII and the present has transformed the war from a historical event into a beat-for-beat superhero movie.

The way the average American look at WWII. Germany killed 6 million jews. USA stormed the beaches. USA total victory. The end. In that specific order.

Even Japan has completely disappeared from their consciousness. Every American lies to themselves and others and claims an ancestor who fought in Europe but the odds are that if they have a war veteran relative who even fought at all, and wasn’t just support staff, they were fighting Japan.

If you care about this country at all, you should at the very least be constantly making fun of and mocking how dumb this is.

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